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African Rock Art

African Rock Art has long been the subject of study for archaeologists, anthropologists and art historians. In recent years, it has become a topic of particular interest to the wider public as new discoveries and technologies enhance our understanding, and as conservation groups highlight the need to protect the sites ...

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Artist’s Took Kit: Buttons: How Buttons Are Used in Assemblage

What’s assemblage art? Let’s review: [From Wikipedia] Assemblage is an artistic process in which a three-dimensional artistic composition is made from putting together found objects. Assemblage is the 3-dimensional cousin of collage. How do use of buttons relate to assemblage art? Let’s explore: Some view buttons as a collection used ...

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Crafts for Kids: Easy Mosaic Activity

The decorative art of mosaic is a fun, hands-on way to bring history to life for children. Whether kids are learning about the Ancient Romans, or the Art of Gaudi in the beautiful Spanish city of Barcelona, teachers can incorporate this easy craft activity into their lessons. While artists use ...

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Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Art Collection

Dorothy and Herbert Vogel have assembled an art collection of over 4,000 pieces in more than 45 years of collecting. In April 2008 the Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection announced a donation to 50 museums, a gift called Fifty Works for Fifty States. One museum of each of the 50 ...

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Graffiti: A Form of Art

Many people generalize graffiti as thoughtless vandalism in the form of gang signs. Most associate graffiti with crime and violence; however, it is worthy of being associated with urban art and cultural expression. Webster’s Dictionary defines the word graffiti as “unauthorized writing or drawing on a public surface.” The connotation ...

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