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Fathers Day Gift Vouchers Book: Create A Gift for Dad as a Cartooning Project for Your Art Class

Fathers will be happy when they receive a voucher book filled with cartoons depicting chores, gifts and favours a child can offer to do for his or her dad through out the year. When dad wants to ‘cash in’ his vouchers he can tear them off and trade.

So that the cover of the book can be presented as a glossy Fathers Day card leave the inside cover blank or create a speech bubble in this space.

Cartooning, design and layout are the main ingredients of the project.

Drawing and digital skills will be honed and students will be learning how to apply these skills in context.


Students will need

  • a pencil, erasers, sharpeners
  • fine tipped black pen,
  • paper, high quality copy paper with a variety of different colours
  • software such as Photoshop Elements
  • a digital camera or scanner.
  • coloured pencils, crayons, coloured felts are optional. The project can be coloured in Photoshop and printed from a colour photocopier. Black and white can be just as good if these materials are not available


  • Toss ideas around and list all of the chores and favours that students would be able to offer Father as a gift. Chores that can be done any time throughout the year.
  • Talk with the kids about commitment. Some may want to take the book home and give it to dad and some may decline. Caution! Don’t create so much work that the whole campaign becomes onerous. Perhaps keep a size or time limit on the chores or make sure the voucher book is little.
  • On the other hand, to ensure all students have a least one cartoon to draw may mean that the book is hefty, coloured code the pages so that dad can choose one of each colour.
  • Ask them about what dad likes to do. Get them to list his favourite hobbies. Give them direction in the discussion by asking them “Could they take him fishing, make tea for him while he watches the game, or clean his fishing creel.” Allow the ideas to bubble to the surface. List possibilities.
  • Ask them about his occupation, “What might he need a hand with to make his work life easier?” “Could they feed his horses or wash the horses down?” Perhaps they could come up with helpful ideas such as “Shifting the irrigation pipes!”
  • List his favourite possessions such as his car “Does it need washing” or the up keep of the house “Does he need the lawn mowed?”

Once you have the ideas nutted out, commence drawing images as soon as possible. This is might become a very time consuming project. In the same way as suggested for the Fathers Day Board Game Project ensure the students can collaborate by choosing a place to work where they can talk quietly.

Artistic Process

  • Have the students draw a picture of the chores or gift on offer. Encourage them to make this clear and simple. Ask them not to use words to explain what they mean. Instead show them how funny caricature needs no explanation.
  • Draw the cartoons in black and white
  • Scan and then reduce them to fit the ticket.
  • This project will give the students experience with illustration and design and can become a Numeracy Booster.
  • Talk with the students about choice of paper. Allow them to experience printing the voucher book on different colours and quality of paper. Discuss the way materials affect the look and feel of publications.
  • Because it doubles as the card make a cover that is highly covered and attractive.
  • Focus on different styles of presentation and how they can work side by side in a publication of this kind. A coloured cover can be contrasted against black and white cartoons. A glossy outer cover could be contrasted to hand made matt paper inside. Digital printing could be contrasted to collage on the inside. Or a pop up collage on the outside could lead one to a high digital printing experience within the little offering.

If the students design and plan the whole experience layout, measuring and budgeting will be valuable as a Numeracy Booster. How much work goes into the planning and execution of the project will be the direct response to time, funding and enthusiasm. Please feel free to post examples of your Voucher Books on the discussion boards