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Gems and Precious Stones of Jaipur: Splendid Silver and Gold Jewelry with Meenakari Work

For centuries, Jaipur is known for its precious stones and jewelry. There are many skilled gem-cutters in Rajasthan who carve those precious stones in to splendid designs. One who wishes to buy royal jewelry may head to Jaipur to find a great collection of antique jewelry.

Meenakari Art in Jaipur Jewelry

“Meenakari” is an art of enamelling a metal with vibrant colours of red, green and white. This art had its origin in Persia and it is Raja Man Singh of Amber who introduced it in India. The skilled artisans who make the Meenakari designs are called “meenakars”. Meenakari work is mainly done in silver and gold metals.

The most reputed object with Meenakari art work is a pair of bangles featuring an animal or a bird head terminals. To add its beauty, the bangles are also decorated with many other precious stones such as gold and emerald. Meenakari art of Jaipur also follows two major enamelling techniques – single-colour enamelling and multi-colour enamelling. In single-colour enamelling, only one colour fills the engraved area of the metal whereas in multi-colour enamelling five colours (opaque white, transparent green, transparent dark blue, a dove, transparent red and opaque light blue) are used.

Silver, Kundan Jewelry and Gems

Jaipur’s silver jewelry is a blend of traditional and contemporary designs. They look very gorgeous and attract international buyers. So, the price of the silver jewelry of Jaipur is a bit competitive. The metal mainly used to handcraft this jewelry is sterling silver which comprise of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals.

It is the Mughals who introduced Kundan jewelry in India. Kundans are stones that are fixed in gold and silver metals. When the artisans do this work, they embed the kundans in a surround of gold leaf instead of securing them by a claw. Usually, the Bollywood actresses wear this awe-inspiring Kundan jewelry in most of the Bollywood movies.

Indian astrologers believe that the gems have an inherent power to bring luck in to a person’s life. According to them, the various gems represent the nine planets of the solar system that influence the life of humans. The most important among the gems are emerald, ruby and garnet. Jaipur hosts one of the world’s largest gem-cutting and polishing centres.

For those women who are crazy about gems and jewelry Jaipur is a must-visit place. Other than precious stones, one can also get lucrative tribal jewelry from the roadside shops of Jaipur. While buying expensive jewels, the customer should never forget to take a receipt for the purchase.