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Homeschool Art Projects for Preschoolers: Design Creative Curriculum to Foster Artistic Talent in Preschoolers

Homeschooling takes planning and a collection of supplies, but Homeschooling parents of preschoolers can enjoy teaching Art to their child, even if they are not artists themselves. Start with simple projects, add a few fun ingredients and sparked by the creativity already resident in each student–Visual Art will transpire.

Collect Preschool Art Supplies Major retailers like Walmart and Target all have inexpensive art supplies appropriate for the Preschool- aged student. Often these supplies are colorful and sized for the Preschooler’s hands. Non-Toxic fat markers, some even with delicious aromas, are a great choice. Look for packs of cheap and colorful paper and stickers or glitter glue on sale.

Inexpensive Stores for Art Supplies Fabric or craft stores are another great source. Usually, fabric stores have a remnant table of cheap, smaller pieces of material priced under $3-5.00, that can be purchased for projects. These stores also usually have a bin of leftover ribbons or other odds-n-ends.

Dollar or discount stores can be treasure troves of cheap supplies. Homeschooling provides any trip to any of these stores as a treasure hunt for interesting art additions, such as inexpensive paint-mixing containers, glitter, or craft paper.

Find Art Supplies in Recycling Bins Another excellent, unexpected source of preschool art supplies for the homeschooling family is the recycling bin. Cereal or other boxes have bold, colorful letters to cut out; magazines and used wrapping paper are great for designing collages.

Project #1 Preschool Art BinThe first day of Preschool Art class is a great time to have preschoolers decorate an Art Bin in which all the year’s Art supplies are stored. This activity sparks an initial enthusiasm for Art and provides a sense of creative ownership by the student. Art immediately becomes a treat to use as incentive throughout the school year.

Use an old box, preferably one with a hinged lid, glue construction paper around the outside for the student, and let them design the outside with colored markers, stickers, and glitter. Let the preschooler have complete freedom to scribble, dribble and make a creative mess. Help students add their names using cut-out cardboard letters to personalize the Art box.

Creative Project IdeasPreschoolers love to create art related to themselves, their world and their dreams. Homeschool teachers can integrate other subjects into the art projects. If a preschooler has just read a library book on astronauts, an appropriate art project could include making a solar system mobile with a hanger, string and cardboard planets.

An easy self-portrait project can be introduced with used newspaper, markers and tape. Lay out newspaper on a floor as large as the student and tape the pieces together. Have the student lay on top and trace an outline of her. Allow the preschooler to color herself in with markers. Add a little science by helping the student to label body parts.

Teaching Art to a homeschooled preschooler may seem overwhelming to parents who don’t consider themselves as artistic, but with a variety of art supplies and the encouragement of simple, yet creative art projects, homeschooling preschoolers can thrive and develop their artist giftings. Parents will have fun along the way too.