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Host a Pollock Painting Party for Teens: A Painting Event Filled With Art, Music and Food

There are plenty of summer pool party ideas, but this Pollock painting party is a rockin’, shockin’ dab of genius! With teens who love art, music or food, (and wouldn’t that include just about every teen?), this party idea is an over-the-top celebration to remember.

To plan a party like this, take practical steps to enliven and complete the party atmosphere. Make sure your teen takes ownership in the planning stages by taking responsibility for the music. It’s simple enough. Just post daily reminders on the fridge and most likely, your teen will be planning the music like a professional DJ.

Make sure to have that one person who loves to film everything on-duty along with the teen who loves to capture every part of life in photographs there. Have them post their film clips and pics online for all to enjoy the day after. But first, let’s look at the artist.

Who was Jackson Pollock (1912-1956)

He was considered the most original American painter. Why? His unprecedented physical involvement with the act of his actual painting was unique. His friend and patron, the artist, Alfonso Ossorio, described Pollock’s artistic journey this way: “Here I saw a man who had both broken all the traditions of the past and unified them, who had gone beyond cubism, beyond Picasso and surrealism, beyond everything that had happened in art…”

Pollock Canvas

Influenced by the different artists and their styles in the 1930s, he painted in a completely abstract manner, called the ‘drip and splash style’ for which he is best known.

Affixing his canvas to the floor or a wall, he poured and dripped his paint out of a can. Instead of brushes, he used sticks or knives to work the paint on the canvas. Sometimes he added a mixture of sand or broken glass to “express the unconscious moods of the artist.”

“On the floor I am more at ease, I feel nearer, more a part of the painting, since this way I can walk around in it, work from the four sides and be literally ‘in’ the painting.” ~Jackson Pollock, 1947

Education Art

We should try to respond to his style of art in our own way. This allows us to express our own art or love for modern art without trying to explain what it is that moves us. We should just allow ourselves to be moved without question. And this, my friend, is where the party begins.

Party Planning

  • 1 framed canvas for each ‘artist’ – the larger, the better
  • 1 brush, 1 stick, 1 knife per person
  • A variety of small cans ( use empty yogurt cups) of paint for each ‘artist’
  • paper towels
  • Small cups of sand
  • Daylight

Make certain that once the painting begins, the music is loud enough to cover over the laughter and wisecracks. Before too long, the painting will take on a serious note. Even non-artists can find a way to be excited about their work. Let the art dry outdoors while the meal is served.