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How to Learn Photoshop Online: Weekly Graphic Art Instruction via Emailed Video Vignettes

WatchandLearnPhotoshop.com is an ever expanding library of video tutorials that have been recorded by Photoshop experts. The vignettes demonstrate step-by-step Photoshop techniques quickly and easily. They are audio, visual as well as practical. Students have the software program open as they follow the instructions of a professional Photoshop expert. They have the ability to stop, start and rewind whenever needed.

How Video Vignette Instruction Works

The visual content of professional demonstration has been screen captured while the teacher explains about the process. This short but valuable tip “How to Upsize an Image,” is an example, which shows that each step of the technique is viewed as it would appear to the demonstrator on his computer screen. It is as though the student were sitting right beside the teacher as he explains the technique.

Each free newsletter tip is downloadable. A Photoshop library can be archived for ready reference. Students can discuss the tips either by email or on the discussion boards of the club Wiki. They can be emailed to others as an invitation to join in the project, so long as the receiver enters his or her email address and name as a way of logging in. This is to safeguard the instructors against issues to do with spam and “permission to advertise.”

Buying the Photoshop Watch and Learn Series

The WatchandLearnPhotoshop.com website lists well packaged compilations of years of short pithy demonstrations. The series starts with a basic Introduction to Photoshop.

This compilation forms the foundation of Photoshop training and will quickly take students you from A to Z, so that they can take responsibility for bringing themselves up to par. They will not be stranded when they receive the latest instructional tip offering from the instructors. This means that students who have no prior experience with Adobe Photoshop can go back to the beginning of the series. If they work through the series they will come to understand the basics of the Photoshop program.

This opportunity means the club members will be able to become skilled in the techniques needed to develop custom graphics for the school website, design brochures or other graphic arts projects.

Professional Mentorship of the Photoshop Club

If teachers are not confident about their own skill levels, they may wish to purchase the entire set of Photoshop Tutorials. This will give them access to a personal Photoshop trainer, who will be available to explain procedures if the teacher or students get stuck mid project. This can be supportive of the teacher, whilst at the same time streamlining the process for the club.

Copyright Issues and Online Content

Purchased educational packages may not be shared. Each video series is licensed to only one person. Teachers or students may install the videos on more than one computer, in situations such as when a teacher needs to learn both at home and at school on different computers. However, it is wise for teachers and students to check with the license requirements when installing purchased software.

Enjoying a Photoshop Club

If planned and managed with care, schools will be able to run graphic arts clubs. These can be based around weekly instruction in the form of emailed video vignettes called Photoshop Tips. Asking your club to experience these free tips from the weekly newsletter is a great way for groups to get started.

Students will be able to try this way of supported learning, before they buy either the product or the idea of being a member of such a club. Teachers will feel well supported when they have such ready backup from professionals. A unique learning culture will evolve and the school administration will rest assured that there is adequate support for any direction the venture should take.