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How to Put a Finger Painting Activity to Use: Parents Can Turn Kids’ Colorful Artwork into Personalized Stationary

A fun finger painting session serves a double purpose if parents have some blank stationary on hand for when the artistic mood strikes. After their kids decorate the cards, parents can let the paint dry and sign “Artwork by (fill in child’s name).” Now parents will have classy, personalized stationary to stuff in envelopes whenever they need thank you cards or invitations.

Materials for the Finger Painting Craft

This is a simple project that requires only a few easy-to-find supplies. For this craft, parents will need:

  • Blank stationary and envelopes
  • Finger paints

Instructions for Making Personalized Stationary

Before the finger painting session, parents can ask their kids who they’d like to surprise with a special note in the mail. Having a friend or relative in mind will help the kids get excited about the project.

Parents will want to show kids all four sides of the blank stationary and explain which side needs decorating. Next parents can pour a few colors of finger paint into separate bowls, set out a cup for rinse water, and let the kids get started.

Sometimes less is more when it comes to finger paint masterpieces. Too much paint or too many colors can turn what started out as a colorful abstract into a brown puddle. Parents can help out by offering their younger children guidance on when to start a new card.

When the cards are dry, parents can use a pen to sign the artwork in the lower, right corner. They will write, “Artwork by…” then either write their child’s name or allow children to sign the card for themselves.

On the inside, kids can either write or dictate their message. Once the envelope is addressed, stamped, and sealed, it’s time to head for the post office.

If kids get into the project and make a few extra, parents can box the stationary up and keep it handy for the next time a letter needs to go out. Left over blank stationary can be stored away with the craft supplies for the next rainy day that inspires finger painting.

Packs of personalized stationary make thoughtful and inexpensive gifts for teachers, friends, and family. Kids can package the present in a coordinating finger painted gift bag or box. They can also simply tie the envelopes together with a classy ribbon. A nice ball-point pen can serve as an elegant accent for the gift.

Parents are always looking for unique ways to display their kids’ artwork. After all, kids need to know their work and their creative abilities are valued. When the refrigerator is full, why not try something new?