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Learn How To Draw The Easy Way: How Do We Learn How To Draw

It is helpful for drawing students if they aspire to develop

  • Consistency
  • A Learning Pathway
  • Easily accessible resources
  • Varieties of visual stimuli such as galleries, gardens, scenery,
  • A relationship with their Visual Journal
  • Organisation around goal setting and benchmarking
  • A record of achievement

“Most people would love to be able to draw what they see. Many people find enormous pleasure in the art of self-expression. Sadly, the idea of learning to draw skillfully is quite daunting for a high percentage of people of the Western World. This is sometimes due to negative experiences that have come from early child hood.”

In my teaching practice, I have developed ways to create an environment that is affirmative, encouraging and filled with celebration and empowerment.

Teach yourself how to learn how to draw or encourage someone else to embark on that journey by:

  • seeking out instructional material from books
  • make instructional materials with your class
  • searching the internet for resources
  • aim to learn how to see (draw what you see not what you think you see)
  • ask other artists to show you skills
  • ask artists how they mastered the art of perseverance
  • be experimental and inventive
  • continually take risks rather than linger in your comfort zone
  • make perseverance itself your goal
  • reward yourself when you have stayed with a task
  • set bench marks and celebrate them
  • celebrate achievements with artists who can appreciate how much you have learned
  • valuing each part of the journey for its own sake
  • enjoy the process more than the end product
  • care about your own learning – learning how to learn will be your most valuable asset for life
  • establish routine don’t let a day slip by with out at least one five minute drawing
  • teach others – it is the best way to consolidate your knowledge
  • make sure you are a member of relevant learning communities on line and off

The learning curve of drawing is never finished! It is a personal journey because no one else can no what direction is suitable for “just you”