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Mason Garrett – Sketch Artist: Through drawing he forms connections to his inner artist

Mason’s artistic expression is intertwined with self improvement. Professional Astrologer, acknowledged Crystal Healer and Reiki Master, and a devout Taoist, Mason has now brought his personal humor and genius to the reader and fellow artists in his Blog, Daily Draw, and now, the Daily Draw Portfolio Series. Cover (Shows drawings.)

A privileged interview with Mason.

Q. How old were you when you started drawing?

M. “I recently have found crayon drawings of mine from the age of five that my late mother had saved in her personal storage.”

And for the kids I asked

Q. How much time do you spend on it each day?

M. “I usually draw at something for at least an hour everyday… some times more if I’m really involved with it… but at least something everyday….”

Q. What attracts you to drawing?

M. “At a very essence level… it’s just fun to do… ever since the drawing of the fire engine that came to our neighborhood when I was five. Over the years it’s always been very therapeutic when times were difficult. It has kept me focused at living my life instead of wallowing in self pity.”

Q. You seem very committed where does you commitment come from?

M. “It now is just something that I both must and want to do… it’s a force that just flows through me at times… and I’m simply the lucky fellow that gets to hold on to the pencil and go along for the ride.”

Q. Can you mention your portfolios and exhibitions you have.

M. “It is simply what I do now… draw daily.. and then I self publish the therapeutic drawing journal/portfolios. as they are finished into 144 page books. My second collection, DAILY DRAW – Portfolio II, will be another 144 page (approx.) self published journal/therapeutic drawing book that is due to be finished and released by the end of October 2006”.

Q. Can you say a few words about why you like to Blog?

M. “I enjoy posting a drawing with a blog everyday. I get valuable instant feedback that tells me if the art is having the intended effect. I’ve also made some fascinating virtual world friendships… where we touch minds instead of flesh… and it is often just as stimulating.”

Mason I certainly think readers will be refreshed when they see your work in the accompanying Blog.