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SMART SAFE Visioning Wall: A Visionary Artistic Process

In his article Creative Goal Setting Jerry Lopper compares and contrasts two approaches to goal setting.

They both use as an acronym


  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time/d


  • See
  • Accept
  • Feel
  • Express

I would like to show how our Visioning Wall Project spiraled between the two types of goal setting approaches. The Visioning Wall was a specific outcomes based project. These two articles describe the process 1 Digital Murals 2 Authentic Authorship

The project was linked explicitly to two other programmes. Careers Education and Programme Achieve.

It also will always be inextricably intertwined with numeracy and literacy because the Art Programme is powered by MIECAT Process. I am a trained Experiential Creative Arts Therapist

As part of my practice I endeavour to empower the children in a skill based way.

  • One of the strands of this programme is called Maths Through Art
  • Another programme I have written is called Literacy Through Cartooning.
  • Numeracy and Literacy are intertwined with Careers Education and the Empowerment of Programme Achieve
  • This mix of programmes in integrated powerfully encouraging self efficacy
  • Students are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their self esteeming.

We hope they will be

  • motivated
  • self directioned
  • cooperative
  • and visionary leaders of an inspired future world

It was a whole school project empowered by

  • parents,
  • teachers
  • students
  • inclusive of other community members

I have been in a process of self companioning as research for a Masters Thesis during the time the project took place. Members of this community were able to ‘spiral off’ into personal inquiries of their own. I was able to companion them within the project context

Examples of Personal Inquiry could include

  • Personal Journey
  • Goals Setting
  • Releasing blocks to learning
  • Learning about Communication and Negotiation
  • Releasing Blocks to Creativity

The project enabled community members to see more clearly

  • where they fit into the school’s bigger picture
  • the links between Programme Achieve and their own goal setting process

How this project spiraled between Personal Inquiry and Broader Visionary Process is described in Spirals of Knowing

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