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What Is A Script? Group Facilitation Through Scripting.

Scripts follow conventions that are created as a shared community language. They can be in any language. It is important that all participants using scripts can follow what is going to happen within a context and logical structure.

Dialogue, text, directions, actions, sounds effects, costuming even facial expression and sound effects can be written about and recorded by scripting. Elements such as set design, music and lighting vary in importance within the context of the mode of expression.

The kind of people who may want to follow creative scripts are camera people, animators, directors, actors, puppeteers, dancers, singers, editors cast and crew. In fact anyone at all who is involved in a performance may need to have access to a script to be able to participate.

Each Art Form has its own kind of special script conventions to follow.

Categories would include

  • Visual including Mime and Ballet
  • Audio including Musical, Opera, Radio Play
  • Written Text with Visual Illustration including Comic/Illustrated Story/Cartoon
  • Multi Media is a combination and includes Movie/Play/Puppetry.If a script moves from one category to another the script will change in nature. Perhaps as an illustrator I am given a play to illustrate in comic form. I will need to interpret the story line as a story board. The characters will be developed in a different way compared to the way they may be if the play was performed on stage. They will be drawn in a funny and exaggerated manner perhaps. If I were to convert this script to a puppet show the characters may be simplified even further.I may add music to a puppet show but would never do that to a comic. However once converted to animation music and sound effects could take a place of high importance within the structure of the text.Even though these can become highly specialized fields within their own right it is important that students experience at least a little of a variety of forms of scriptwriting. A comic illustrator needs to understand how scripts work to ensure the visual depiction has flow. Musicians who would desire create movie soundtracks require an understanding of ways to build pace and atmosphere.Rarely do Art Forms stand alone as discreet creation. A well rounded Arts Education begins with a very broad introduction leaving specialisation until the student is quite mature.